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A community for fanfiction and other fanwork based on the comedy Keeping Up Appearances
This is a place for sharing your Keeping Up Appearances fanwork with the rest of the world. Gen, het, slash, femmeslash; comedy, adventure, angst -- as long as it's based on KUA, it's welcome here!


1. Please rate your fanwork and make sure to include warnings for any potentially triggering content (incest, child abuse, rape, violence etc.).
2. Please use the LJ cut if your post is longer than 300 words, or if it contains explicit pictures.
3. Stay on topic. Posts that have nothing to do with Keeping Up Appearances will be deleted. Also, note that this is primarily a community for fanworks -- if you're looking for general discussion, kua_community is the place for you.
4. Flaming is not tolerated. Be civil.
5. This community is for fanworks based on the characters from the show, not the actors who play them. No RPF is allowed.

And while this is not a rule, everyone is encouraged to comment on other members' posts -- no fandom thrives on silence!

Thanks to eillinora for the lovely userpic.

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