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Yuletide signups are open
miss_morland wrote in bucketresidence
The multi-fandom fic exchange known as yuletide is now open for signups! Keeping Up Appearances is eligible as one of the fandoms you're allowed to request, and your modly mods would like to remind you all that more KUA stories in the world can only be a good thing.

How does it work? 

- You request at least three fandoms in which you'd like a story from the list of eligible fandoms
- You offer to write in at least four fandoms from the same list
- After the signups close, you get matched with a recipient who's requested fic from one of the fandoms you offered to write
- You then write a story for them in their chosen fandom (and some anonymous author will do the same for you)
- ???

NB: You'll need an Archive of Our Own account to sign up for the exchange; however, yours truly have a few invite codes to spare -- PM me or leave a comment if you want one see this post for instructions about how to get one. :-)

Hope to see you there!

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Do you have to have participated in the fandom proposal phase in order to participate? I'm very tempted by Yuletide, so I joined the various mod comms, and I have to say that the organizational apparatus seems akin to planning D-Day. The whole process has seemed so daunting that I decided I didn't have time to puzzle it out. But if all those elaborate posts we've been getting are just background, and the actual sign-up procedure is fairly simple, well....

And what is the Letter to Authors -- you write your prompt once you submit your fandom choices, and whoever gets your name comes to your LJ to find it?

Now mind you, I still don't have time to write for Yuletide! I don't, I don't, I don't. But. . .

Do you have to have participated in the fandom proposal phase in order to participate?

Nope. :-)

The whole process has seemed so daunting that I decided I didn't have time to puzzle it out.

I can definitely understand that. It appears even more complicated this year, since the challenge has moved to AO3 which has entailed quite a few changes; still, I think that might actually be more confusing to the veterans. The process itself is like I outlined above: just fill out this form (you need to log in with your AO3 account). The form is pretty long, but shouldn't be incomprehensible.

As for the letter, it's a tradition that is completely optional. You can put all the info in the signup form itself, the letter just allows you more space to elaborate upon your likes and your dislikes. If you want to write one, you leave the link to your LJ (or wherever your letter is posted) in the signups, so that the author can find it.

What's important, though, is that ALL the likes/dislikes except for the chosen fandom (and the chosen characters, if you didn't go with the 'any characters' option), are optional details. The letters and/or signup details are only there to give the author an idea about how to best please the recipient, but they are by no means require to heed them.

Hope this was helpful! (Can't do anything about your time issues, I'm afraid...)

Thanks! This is very helpful indeed. Unfortunately, the sign-up site is so large that it's crashed my computer twice, but I managed to get to the C's in the fandom list before the last crash, and I've already seen at least five fandoms that I'm dying to have stories in.

So I'll see if I can find a time-turner somewhere.

Yay! *is glad to have tempted you*

I think it might help to wait a day or two; possibly the crashes are caused by heaps of people trying to sign up at once. (That's my plan, anyway.)

I think they're also trying to convert the ticky boxes into text fields to try to make it quicker. *nods* I managed to sign up last night but I think I was just lucky. It took ages to load though.

I'd love an invite, if you have one to spare. Thank you very much. :)

Sure! Do you have an email address? :-)

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